Sea Dwellers of NJ has been training people to swim, snorkel and scuba dive for 25 years. Ted Masotti has been teaching people to swim, snorkel and scuba dive since he was 18 years old. He has a resume of wreck diving experience from all over the world. All the instructors at Sea Dwellers have been trained personally by Ted Masotti and they have gained the knowledge needed to train the most inexperienced to the most experienced. Ted will not think twice about training an open water scuba diver how to dive or choose to teach an experienced wreck diver some of his interesting and beneficial techniques and he projects this attitude through Sea Dwellers of NJ.

The certification agencies that we certify under are NAUI, National Association of Underwater Instructors and SDI, Scuba Diving International and TDI, Technical Diving International. All though Ted believes that the support materials that these agencies provide are important but it is more important to have a seasoned experienced instructor that can bring his or her personal experience into his or her instruction.

Susan Masotti, Ted’s wife, met at Sea Dwellers of NJ 22 years ago and became a very accomplished deep diver over the course of 10 years reaching depths of over 350 ft earning her Advanced Tri-mix Certification and diving wrecks like the USS Monitor on an NOAA permit before the wreck was salvaged. She became an NAUI instructor and specializes in teaching families how to dive. She has been a Pediatric ICU nurse for the last 24 years she is almost always on site during all training sessions. With all her abilities as a medical professional, she adds a higher level of safety to all our courses. We also find that women find it much easier to take a course from another woman instructor.


20 hours of both lecture and pool work ha can be done at our convenience it only takes one to make a class but of course more the merrier the course includes both pool and lecture work, 4 open water dives and one snorkel dive for certification. In winter we rent the Garfield boys and girls club and in the summer we have our own pool outdoors and heated.


The advance scuba diver is recommended to be taken right after scuba diver certification because you only get 4 dives with your instructor for certification as a scuba diver. It is recommended you take the advanced class so you can have 6 more dives with your instructor which is all hands on open water scuba diving with your instructor which includes underwater navigating, night diving, wreck diving, use of specialized equipment like a reel and a lift bag (safety sausage). The Certification is not recommended to be completed at Dutch Springs we emphasize that we need to do ocean diving. This course can be done on any of our warm water dive trips.


Nitrox diver is highly recommended for everyone going underwater. Air(21% Oxygen) is not the greatest breathing media for anyone e that is going underwater it is much safer to dive Nitrox (32%) Oxygen, 36% Oxygen which allows you to absorb less nitrogen during your dives and allows your body to lessen problems with decompression sickness. This course is an online course which you can do easily at home at night by buying a code and after you have completed that portion of the course you meet with your instructor and you learn how to analyze the gas in your scuba cylinder.


I recommend that if you are going to dive on a regular basis in the North East that these 3 courses be taken. As a package, we offer a special price of $450 which is $150 off normal pricing.


Snorkeling course can be done online and with one pool session we provide all the equipment from national geographic snorkeler which includes mask snorkel and miming fins. This course is perfect for the snorkeler that is planning on going on a Caribbean vacation that would like to see the marine life without having all the heaving equipment of scuba. We offer some of ty best national geographic snorkeling equipment if you would like to purchase to travel with. The course fee does not include the purchase of snorkeling equipment


We teach swimming for all ages whether you are a young child which needs some swimming refinement or an adult we find that many peoples don’t know how to swim properly we teach this course by the hour we offer swimming equipment like google, rash guards, kick boards but it is important to understand that everyone must know the basics of swimming we can get into more advanced swimming like ocean swimming but you need to be qualified and tested for the course.


Rescue Diver is an introductory to understanding the abilities that you need to physically recognize when someone is in need of rescue we concentrate on service rescue using pool training, open water training and ocean training as our classrooms. We also emphasize underwater rescue when you come upon an unconscious diver and how to handle the physical abilities to bring a person to the surface in a safe and controlled manner. There is a rescued book with a workbook that is $80 in addition to tuition.


Master scuba diver is a course that is designed for the diver that wants to learn all the specifics of multi abilities underwater and also will gain all the knowledge from the textbook and instruction preparing the dive master or instructor programs. A Master Scuba Diver cannot lead dive groups or teach any classes with this course it is strictly 10 dives that are required a textbook that is designed as a diving encyclopedia. The textbook is not included in the class and is $70 for textbook and workbook in addition to the course fee. All dives need to be scheduled in ocean waters unless we do not know the student we will require one day of diving at Dutch Springs to qualify his or her abilities.