Dive Trips

Travel to exotic and nearby locations for multiple days. We can supply the gear and itinerary, and get ready for the Scuba Diving Vacation of a lifetime!

Scuba Expeditions

For the adventurous and experienced Scuba Diver. We visit wrecks along the Northeast Coast and perform technical dives focus on exploration and adventure.

Dive Shop

We offer a variety of products and expert advice based on your budget and needs. We also service and maintain equipment. Inquire for more information.


Captain Ted has brought the fascinating world of Scuba Diving to people for the past 23 years. Sea Dwellers of NJ has dedicated it’s time to the promotion of underwater exploration. To swim, snorkel or dive with Sea Dwellers of NJ is a once in a lifetime experience if you have any interest at all in the water.

Sea Dwellers is your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs and training that you can enjoy the rest your life. Don’t forget we are a family owned and operated professional dive operation, in which all members of your family are invited to play in our underwater exploration.